Getting Back On Track After A “Mess Up”


 As coaches, one thing that we can’t stress enough to our clients, is that no matter how dedicated or motivated you are, chances are, at some point during a weight loss plan, you’re going to have a bad day. You’re going to be unmotivated, tired, and feel like you don’t really give a damn anymore about losing weight. Then you do it, you eat something off plan, and at the time you feel downright rebellious. “Yep! That’s right, I’m eating this cookie and I don’t even care.” But the thing is, you do, and you will. Once the moment passes, remorse will sink in, perhaps even guilt, and suddenly you feel like a failure. You’ve been doing so well? Why did this happen?


The best thing to do at a moment like this is to step back, gain some perspective, and realize that while one cookie is not going to undo all of your hard work, an entire day, or worse, a week of off-plan eating can undo everything you’ve worked for, maybe even cause you to wind up where you started.


When things go wrong, it can be easy to use it as an excuse to just blow off the whole day and go on a cookie binge. But that is one of the worst habits you can possibly adopt. We all mess up. It’s a fact. No one is perfect, and sometimes our judgement is hindered by other things going on in our lives. But you can’t let one poor choice set the tone for your whole day or negatively affect your perception of yourself.


Even our most successful clients mess up sometimes, but you know what sets them apart from other people? They move on. They go “Whoops! That was a bad choice. Well, live and learn” and they get on with their day. They know that guilt and self pity will get them nowhere but back to where they started.  At this point, you have two options:  Let this one poor choice cause you to go completely off track for the rest of the day and dig yourself further and further into a remorse filled hole, or choose to get back on track.


So here’s what you do when you go off plan:  You don’t wallow in the guilt, you don’t convince yourself that you’re a failure. You move on. You carry on with your day like nothing ever happened. You make good choices, you eat your usual meals, you drink your water, and you continue to make progress towards your goals.  Then you use this experience to save yourself from future mistakes.  The next time you’re tempted you can look back on how you felt when you indulged and say “You know what? That totally wasn’t worth it that time, and it totally won’t be worth it this time, so I’ll let this feeling pass.”


Don’t dwell on your mistakes, acknowledge them, promise to yourself that you’ll do your best to not repeat them, accept that you’re only human, continue making awesome choices 90% of the time, and be that person who makes their goals a reality!

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