Top 3 Strategies for Controlling Night Time Cravings Nighttime Eating editedOften, when people are following a weight loss program or attempting to maintain a healthy weight, evening can be the hardest time of day to stay on track. You’ve done a great job at watching your portions and eating balanced meals all day long, but now that you’re at home, tired, and relaxing in front of the TV, the temptation to snack is too much to resist.

buy prednisone for cats online This can be so frustrating! You’ve done such a good job all day, and you’ve undone all of your hard work in a matter of minutes by wolfing down a whole bag of Doritos with even thinking. Now you’re filled with remorse, and left wondering “How can I control my night time cravings and stay on track with my weight loss?” Well, here are some effective strategies for giving up your evening snacking for good!

#1: Out of sight out of mind (Or out of the house entirely!)

Often it can be the sight of certain foods that sets off cravings. Either that, or the knowledge that they are near by, and easily accessible. So if you’re goal is to give up evening snacking, you first step should be to get rid of temptation. Either keep junk food in an “off limits” cupboard, that is meant only for other people in your household, or better yet, get rid of it entirely! Not having those types of foods in the house will remove temptation, and therefore guarantee that you won’t succumb to your cravings and indulge in a late night binge fest.

#2: Have a Healthy Alternative

The myth that you shouldn’t eat after 6:00 pm is completely unfounded and not in the least bit true. All of our clients have evening snacks on their meal plans. It isn’t the evening eating that is damaging your waistline, but rather, the “what” and “how much” that’s the issue. Weight loss or gain through calories eaten is an accumulative process, so ultimately, what time of day you eat isn’t as important so much as how many calories in total.

In the evening, because you’re tired, your body is craving an energy source. You are therefore far more likely to reach for a convenient and calorie dense food. Instead, be prepared with calorie-conscious alternatives pre-portioned and ready to go when cravings strike! Rice chips, veggies and a low cal dip, or air popped pop corn are all great alternatives!

#3: Go to bed!

As we tell our clients: Often, being tired or bored can be mistaken for being hungry. This can easily result in an unwanted overindulgence. So rather than staying up to watch TV, go to bed! Your energy levels, overall health, and ability to control cravings the next day will thank you!

Follow these tips, and you’ll have evening snacking beat in no time! We’d love to hear your strategies for controlling cravings in the comments below.

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